Aromamatic Mist Diffuser – Beech


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Enrich your life with the wonderful world of aromatherapy Diffuser .Ideal for Pure Essential Oils or Essential Oil Blends…..

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Aromamatic Mist Diffuser – Beech

Details Of Diffuser

Enrich your life with the wonderful world of aromatherapy..

Ideal for Pure Essential Oils or Essential Oil Blends
Disperses only a cool mist vapour
Timer Mist function – 60mins, 120mins, 180min
Also continuous Mist function approx 10 hours
Automatic shut off, at low water level
Multi LED or Single LED Lighting Mode
Independent Light or Mist operation
Therefore offers Humidifier characteristics
Also No oily hot water or naked flame
So easy to Clean & Maintain
Instruction Manual included
Also One Year Guarantee
So Eco-Friendly & BPA Free

Promotes Good Sleep

Many essential oils can promote neurotransmitter activity in your brain, and stimulate a release of the hormones, serotonin, and dopamine, leading to restful, uninterrupted sleep. Excellent sleep oils include bergamot, sandalwood, and lavender.

Improves Respiratory Health

Also Inhaling essential oils can improve inflammation in the respiratory tracts, boost immune health, and help eliminate colds and coughs. Excellent oil for respiratory health includes lemon, palo santo, lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus.

Eliminates Odor

Therefore a room or home that smells musty, stale or smoky can easily be remedied by diffusing orange, grapefruit, bergamot or lemongrass oils.

Elevates Mood

Essential oils have the power to eliminate sadness and depression by brightening your mood. You can also set a romantic dinner date by simply turning on the diffuser and letting the air of romance spread everywhere. Lavender and bergamot can work wonders for the same.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Many people diffuse essential oils to reduce anxiety and promote calmness of body and mind, particularly, oils like lavender, frankincense, neroli, and chamomile.

Repels Insect

Many bugs cannot stand the aroma of diffused essential oils, and it can actually be fatal, making these oils great for preventing mosquitoes, gnats, and other pesky bugs from disturbing your space. Best insect-repellent oils include peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, geranium, and cedarwood.



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