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Children’s Toothbrush Bamboo – 4 pack


Our sustainably made, biodegradable childrens toothbrushes give consumers a choice to move away from using plastics in everyday situations. Imagine how much waste


Children’s Toothbrush Bamboo  – 4 pack

Making simple choices to make great change

Sustainable – Biodegradable – Affordable

Therefore our sustainably made, biodegradable Children’s toothbrush give consumers a choice to move away from using plastics in everyday situations. So imagine how much waste would be reduced if we all switched to bamboo!

Why choose a Bamboo Toothbrush?

  • 4 colour range – blue, purple, green, pink
  • Wave design bristles
  • Easy grip round handle
  • Also biodegradable handle
  • Ergonomic head
  • Organic sustainable bamboo
  • Environmental protection paint only
  • Bristles – nylon 610 – BPA free
  • Food grade colorant
  • So 100% Biodegradable packaging
  • Individually coloured – so never confuse your toothbrushes again.
  • Long lasting
  • Also Environmentally friendly product


So dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day for 3-4 minutes
Also rinse brush after use and allow to air dry. Replace brush every 2-3 months.

Keep it dry. Not being made out of impenetrable plastic, bamboo toothbrushes require just a tiny bit more care than a regular toothbrush. All this means is that I dry mine quickly on a towel after each use, and that I store it upright in a clean glass container. This ensures the bamboo stays dry throughout the day, keeping the toothbrush in better condition longer. You may notice that the wood changes color slightly over time as you use it. In the picture above, the newest toothbrush is shown at left, while the other two have had their handles darken a bit over time with use. Totally normal, and just the sign of a well-loved toothbrush.

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