Natural Rubber Soothers Twin Pack Small Rounded (0-3 Mths)

They are extremely hygienic because they are molded in one piece. This means there are no joins or cracks in the natural rubber soother, where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. The natural rubber soother shield is larger than conventional soother shields, this enables the shield to touches baby’s nose providing closer simulation to breastfeeding. The size of the shield also prevents babies from squeezing the soother into their mouths. It does not leave marks on the baby’s face due to the high level of elasticity of natural rubber. There softer than silicone soothers, which makes it easy to wash and care for and also ensures that it won’t fall apart.

Safety Report:  They meet the Australian Safety Standard for soothers, code number AS2432-1991/2008. The Natural Rubber Soothers also also made to conform with the Pacifier Safety requirements by European standard EN1400. Also were tested with the internationally renowned company SGS for both compliance and also for traces of nitrosamines (proteins that can cause an allergic reaction to latex). Nitromsamines are eliminated during production of the The Natural Rubber Soother making them one of the safest soothers on the market today.

Many parents now look for toys and soothers that do not contain phthalates, which typically used to soften toys for babies. While they make toys and soothers soft, they may not be so safe for our babies.

The Natural Rubber Soother contains:

  • No BPA,
  • There are no chemical softeners,
  • No parabens,
  • Also no PVC,
  • No Phthalates.
  • Care of your Natural Rubber Soother:
  • Boil  in water for 2 minutes (and allowed to cool) before first time use. Afterwards clean on a daily basis. So they will slightly change colour during use. Replace Natural Rubber Soothers every 8-12 weeks (depending on frequency of use) with the age appropriate size, if you and your child still need the additional support a soother can provide.